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Humidity is moisture in the air that will condense on any surface area it can when the air cools. The main reason that this is a problem in commercial greenhouses is that most of the organisms that thrive in humidity such as molds, and other pathogens, can cause plant disease as well as reducing plant transpiration.

Humidity Control In Commercial Greenhouses

The most common way to try and control the climate within greenhouses is by using ventilation systems. Ventilation allows the moist warm air in the greenhouse to be replaced by the air from the outside. This is done by using the process of natural convection or mechanical ventilation systems. Both of these types are dependent on the outside weather conditions and cannot be used when the outdoor air is damp or cold.

The best way to control humidity in greenhouses is by dehumidification systems as the outside weather has no impact on their capability to remove humidity.

At Inloes Dehumidification Specialists, we design, install, service, and maintain a full line of commercial greenhouse energy efficient dehumidification systems.

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