Pool Dehumidification Service Repair - Maintenance - Installation

Swimming Pool Dehumidification

We provide complete Climate Control services including indoor humidity control for your commercial swimming pool.

At Inloes Dehumidification Specialists, we design, maintain, repair, and install commercial pool dehumidification and ventilation systems.

Why Swimming Pools need Dehumidification Systems

The atmosphere in an indoor swimming pool environment is very moisture-laden, and it is extremely important to protect your natatorium from this humidity in the air. If the humidity is not removed the water vaper, and in particular, the chlorinated water vapor of a swimming pool environment, can severely damage the structure of the pool building, causing it to rot and corrode and severely damaging the building in a very short space of time. The presence of high humidity also allows mold and bacteria to rapidly accumulate, leading to an unhealthy environment. In order to combat swimming pool humidity and chlorinated water vapor a properly sized and professionally installed dehumidification system is absolutely essential.

Commercial Swimming Pool Dehumidification Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance service will keep your dehumidification systems running smoothly and catch potential issues before they become problematic and ensure your natatorium is kept safe and healthy. Contact us to schedule yours.

Pool Dehumidifier Brands That We Install, Maintain and Service:

  • Desert Aire
  • Dectron
  • PoolPak
  • Seresco

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